Een gewaardeerd KBN supporter, dhr Nobuaki Konno sensei (8th dan Gensei Ryu/WKF) heeft onderstaande column geschreven over de weg van Karate naar de Olympische Spelen. Dhr Konno treedt soms op als adviseur van de KBN en is geregeld te vinden bij evenementen en KBN vergaderingen!

Of Karate nu wel of niet Olympisch, of zelfs ‘sport’ zou moeten zijn, is al decennia een wat controversieel onderwerp. Feit is dat wereldwijd het overgrote deel van karateka’s veel interesse in Sport-Karate hebben en daar ook heel veel trainingstijd in stoppen. En dat een Olympisch pad heel duidelijk helpt om karate nadrukkelijker op de kaart te zetten. Dat is goed voor iedereen die Karate do beoefent. Dank Konno sensei voor deze bijdrage!

Towards “Karate to Olympic again!”

by N. Konno

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on!”
John F. Kennedy

It was very important that many Karate teachers of many styles were spread to the world around 1960s. I think that it was one of the essential factors for Karate. A few hundred years ago, Kendo had more than 700 styles. Many styles disappeared by the passage of time and now they are united as one under the umbrella of the All Japan Kendo Federation with one competition rules.

Various competition rules were made by many different Karate organizations. Now the time is coming to study and find a way to make the same competition rules for all Karate athletes. It surely can offer a chance to compete all Karate Kids together in the world.

In order to promote Karate like other well-known sports in future, we have to welcome many Karate styles in KBN/WKF as much as possible. Then we can have a chance to create better competition rules together with many ideas from athletes and many styles. At the same time, it could make it more attractive and easier to enjoy seeing all competitions, also by people who don’t know Karate yet.

As I mentioned in my previous book (The Future of Karate – Evolving with the Olympic: /Vision on Karate), every style is using their own protectors. We can say that the rule where you can’t use Nukite, Hiza-geri, Empi and can’t kick the head of the opponent is also a protector. The knock down/knock out system is very clear for the spectators, but it has bigger chances to give dangerous physical pain/damages to the opponent. All competition has to make the result of clear winning and losing as much as possible and it is always better to improve the competition rules, instruments and protectors for all athletes and spectators.

“Clearness”, “Safety” and “Fairness” is what we should focus on as the unchangeable direction. And it will be important to continue to seek the advanced protectors and also seeking more objective way of competition rules and judging. These will be one of the indispensable keys towards “Karate to Olympic again!”.